Friday, 25 July 2014

EPROM - Center of the Sun [Rwina Records 2014] by Rwina Records

"'Center of the Sun' is an animated pseudo-documentary of the life cycle of an Olmec sun god. Simultaneously, it also serves a music video for a deliciously meaty chunk of ghetto glitch created by EPROM. By the colliding flesh of its devoted cult, the god emerges from its abyss with an ambition to destroy and dominate. In order to accomplish these goals, the god must transcend the spiritual world and enter our physical realm. The barrier between those worlds proves too strong and the sun god is rebuffed into one of the many distant stars that litter the night sky that hangs like a flaccid penis above our happy heads. Pumped with industrial strength jenkem and poppy seed grease, parents and children alike will be delighted and perplexed by the flashing disco scenery and dazzlingly real special effects waiting to be discovered in this new KOKOphonic invention." iTunes: Vinyl: Credits: Written by KOKOFREAKBEAN Directed by KOKOFREAKBEAN Animated by KOKOFREAKBEAN Production by KOKOFREAKBEAN Music: "EPROM - Center of the Sun" Rwina Records P & C 2014 KOKOFREAKBEAN

it’s all about the #attitude #beyourself #lovemylife...

it’s all about the #attitude #beyourself #lovemylife #positivethoughts

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