Thursday, 27 October 2016

"The Music Scene" by Anthony Francisco Schepperd

Awarded the Best Commissioned Animation at Ottawa International Animation Festival!! Awarded Best Short Animated Film at Woodstock Film Festival!! Official music video for Blockhead's 'The Music Scene'. An animated mind melt into a post human New York where TV and animals rule. All cast to the sincerely melodic soul of Blockhead's 'The Music Scene.' Directimated by A.F.Schepperd Commissioned by Ninjatune Records Music by Blockhead

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

mind the cat by martine ulmer

a film from Elena Schönfeld & Martine Ulmer In a world inhabited by strange creatures, a cat endeavors to find her place within it. Pushed on by curiosity and a need for affection, she runs from one extraordinary encounter to the next. However without warning she soon finds herself falling into an abyss, not knowing what comes next. Screenings: Seoul (KOR), Animpact Animation Festival, November 2013 Rüttihubelbad Walkringen, Emmentaler Filmtage, 2013 2nd International Motion Festival, Zypern, 2013 Regensburg, 19. Regensburger Kurzfilm Woche, 2013 Washington DC, Washington DC Independent Film Festival, 2013 Wien, Tricky Women Festival, 2013 Solothurn, 48. Solothurner Filmtage, 2013 Horwer Filmnacht, 2013 Montréal, Les 11es sommets du cinéma d’animation de Montréal, 2012 Price: Kulturförderpreis, Anzeiger Kultur-Nacht, 2013 More Infos:

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Après Le Chat (After the Cat) by Marina Rosset

A short film I made during my first year studying in Lucerne, about an old lady seeking a new source of affection after the death of her cat. animation, 2005, 4 minutes 20 sec. Awards • Diploma for the visual style of the film, Bimini Festival, Lithuanie, 06 • Award, au festival FirstAnima, Caldas da Rainha, Portugal, 06 • Special mention, Flip festival, Valparaiso, Chili, 06 • Special Mention, Cinemambiente, Torino, Italie, 06 • Special Mention, Festival de Pontault-Combaut, France 06

Monday, 19 September 2016

Carnivorous Plants by Seth Boyden

Before studying animation, I was always interested in botany, more specifically the study of carnivorous plants. This short animation assignment pays a small tribute to these bizarre organisms. Music by Madou Djembe: Au Village de Femmes Plants featured in this film: Dionaea muscipula, Nepenthes Alata, Sarracenia Flava, Drosera Capensis, Drosera Dichotoma, Pinguicula Vulgaris and Sarracenia Purpurea

Thursday, 15 September 2016

"I Have Dreamed Of You So Much" by Emma Vakarelova

3min, Animation 2D Based on the poem of Robert Desnos "J'ai tant rêvé de toi" 'I have dreamed of you so much that you are no longer real.(...)' A film about The Horizon and his impossible love... Director: Emma Vakarelova Scriptwriter: Kalina Svezhin Sound: Yan Volsy Voice: Jaques Gamblin Editing: Thomas Belair Producer: Tant Mieux Prod (2015) Broadcast on France 3 /// For more info: illustrations and prints from the film:

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

La Lucha (The Struggle) by Justin Henning

In 1962, Fidel Castro banned all professional (for profit) sports in Cuba. For Cuba's top athletes this means a tough choice. Stay in Cuba, their home, or defect and follow their dreams. This is the story of two-time Olympic gold medalist Mario Kindelán Mesa. Directed by: Justin Henning Produced by: SOCIETY ( in association with EL CENTRAL producciones Executive Producer: Harry Calbom & David Holm Producer: Carlos Gómez & Reymel Delgado Rodriguez Cinematographer: Justin Henning Movi Operator: Ryan Haug ( Assistant Director: Jimmy Ochoa Camera Assistant: Matt Louie 2nd AC: Hannol Rodriguez Sound: Elijah Lawson & Ariel Novo Editor: Nick Pezzillo Post Producer: David Guti Rosado Colorist: Eric Rosen ( Compositor: David Viau Titles: Jonny Sikov Music by: Industrial Revelation, Buddy Rich & Solomon Ligthelm Sound Design and Mixing by: John Buroker at Hearby Sound Special thanks: Motion State, Austin Wilson, Harry Calbom, David Holm, Carlos Stevens, Nannette Buroker, Jeff Tillotson, Shane Dillon, Mckenna Turner, Larisa Peters, Rebecca Parenteau, Trust Collective Starring: Mario Kindelán Mesa

Monday, 22 February 2016

The Maker by Patrick Kehoe

This is the simple story of one man's enduring passion. We hope you can take a couple minutes to watch it and if you're feeling particularly generous, to share it with friends. But more than anything, we hope it inspires you to follow your dreams.