Monday, 29 June 2015


HUMMING URBAN STEREO "SIDEKICK" 04-14 #2 AUG.21.14 01.MATCH 02.봄날의 사케 with Sugarflow 03.LOTUS with Dahlia 04.LOVE & SEX with Brown Bunny 05.LOVE ME LOVE YOU with Sugarflow 06.XOXO with As One 07.POPPING POPPING BANANA with Sugarflow 08.LOVE SCENE with instant Romantic floor 09.LOVE TREATMENT (BANJAX REMIX) with Lady Jane 10.BANGER 11.NO NO NO with Uta 12.LITTLE BLACK DRESS with Dahlia 13.EASY COME EASY GO with Sugarflow 14.HUMMING GIRL with Humming Girl 15.I,TEARS (HUMMING URBAN STEREO REMIX) with Shina-E' 16.MAEM MAEM with Risso 17.M.E.A.O.H with Risso One of my favorits on Soundcloud posted via ifttt - Reclaim Social Media

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